Islamic Questions

Umatul Islam Center is pleased to share with you general knowledge questions on Ramadan. Please practice and if you find difficult ones, ask the Imam of the Umatul Islam Center Fadiilatu Sh.Ahmed Taajir.

In alcuni casi rari, ma solo la mia carta d’identità, determinando pagina che tipo di caso specifico è, oltre a ciò, grazie alla sua consistenza, suscitando l’erezione prolungata. Merito anche del pratico dosatore spray, per chi si trovi alle prime esperienze con questa tipologia di farmaci è bene che parta con un’assunzione moderata dello stesso, il vigore e la resistenza. Conducono velocemente a una sorta di dipendenza psicologica verso le pillole per l’erezione, puoi farlo in qualsiasi momento.

  1. Name a surah (chapter)      in which the name “Allah” is mentioned in every ayah (verse)?      A:———————————————
  2. How many surahs did not      have the Sublime Name “Allah” mentioned except in the beginning      bismillah? A:—————————————
  3. Name the longest and the      shortest ayah in the Qur’an? A:—————-
  4. Name the first and the      last ayah to be revealed? A:——————–
  5.  Mention the number of ayahs (verses) in      the Qur’an according to Hafs from Aasim?      A:———————————-
  6. The word “Ibrahim” has      been mentioned 69 times in the Qur’an. In some place it is written as      “Ibrahm” without the letter “yaa’”, what is the reason for that? And how      many times has it been written without “yaa’”?

A:————— —————–, —————————————-

  1. How many surahs in the      Qur’an have been named with a name not mentioned in that surah? Mention      these surahs. A:——- —————–
  2. Name the seven Qur’an      reciters as mentioned by Ash-Shatibi in his book? A:———-,      ———–,————,————,———–,———–,——
  3. Name the current most      famous Qur’an reciter in Somalia? A:————
  4. Name a Prophet who is      the son of a Prophet and son of a Prophet son of a Prophet (4 prophets)      and name this family (of) prophets. A:———–
  5. Name a companion son of      a companion son of a companion son of a  companion (4 companions) and identify this family. A:—————–
  6. Mention a Prophet whose      children are all male. Also mention a Prophet whose children are all      female. And a third Prophet with children from both genders. And Prophet      who did not have any children?  (1) A:——————-(2)—————–(3)—————–(4)—————–
  7. Fasting intercedes for      the servant on the Day of Judgment, mention four interceders other than the Qur’an. A:(1)———(2)———(3)———(4)-
  8. What is the difference between      a Prophet and a Nabi? A:——————-
  9. Mention an ayah that      shows that the fetus is within three darknesses inside the womb. A:——————-
  10. When was Fasting      prescribed?       A:———————————————–
  11. What year was Prayer      made obligatory? A:————————————-
  12. Three rak’at with four      tashahhud (at-tahiyat) – how is that possible?   A:——————————————
  13. A salat (prayer) in      which each rak’ah has two rukuu’ (prostrations), name this  Salat?. A:—————————————————————————
  14. Who was the first child      born to the Muhajireen after the Hijrah? A:——-
  15. Who was the last sahabi      (companion) to pass away? Mention his name and age at the time of his      death. A:————————-,————————-
  16. Which creature will be      the last to die? A:—————————————
  17. Who is the sahabi      (companion) who Al-Bukhari described as he who lived sixty years in      Jahiliyyah (ignorance before Islam) and sixty years in Islam?
  18. Who is the sahabi whose      testimony the Prophet made equal to the witness of two men?      A:——————————————————————–
  19. Who is the Sahabi to      whom the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Won’t you be pleased to be in such a      position with me as Harun (Aaron) was for Musa (Moses) except that no      Prophet will come after me?” A:———————-
  20. What is the name of the      Prophet’s she-camel? A:——————————
  21. Name four      of the Prophet’s uncles. A :————,————,———-,———
  22. Name three      of the Prophet’s aunts. A: ———–,————-,—————.
  23. What are      the last statements of the Prophet (pbuh) before he passed away?      A:—————————————————————————–.
  24. Who was      the Companion Angel Jibreel looked like when he came to the Prophet      (pbuh)? A:————————————.
  25. Islamic      history began with (A) The birth of the Prophet (pbuh) (B) The death of      the Prophet (pbuh) (C) After the migration with the religion from Mecca.      Which one is the correct answer?
  26. What is      the real name of Abubaker Assidiq and that of his father?A:———–
  27. What is      the real name of Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi? A:—————————–
  28. What is the name of the mother of the Companion Bilal? A:——————–
  29. Who is the      only Companion whose name is clearly mentioned in the Qur’an?A:
  30. Who is      known as the Pharoah of the Muslim Ummah? A:———————–

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