Asalamu Aleikum!

Welcome, Governor Mark Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith, to Umatul Islam Center. We are grateful for this historic visit on this 28th Day of February 2016 which reflects your abiding commitment to protecting the rights of all Minnesotans without exception.

About Umatul Islam Center:

Founded fifteen years ago by refugees from Somalia as one of their first place of Muslim worship in the Twin Cities, Umatul Islam Center is a Muslim community of faith that is committed to:

i. Serving Muslims in the Twin Cities through establishing congregational prayers and carrying out basic religious activities that are open fully to men, women and children;
ii. Encouraging people of all ages and ethnic groups to lean and develop their knowledge of Islam;
iii. Disseminating the teachings of Islam and promoting Islam as a true religion by means of engaging good conduct and good behavior towards all members of our surrounding community in the Twin Cities;
iv. Advocate inter-faith harmony in a multicultural environment in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah;
v. Arranging education programs for all members of the family;
vi. Promoting joint action among Muslim organizations in Minnesota and throughout the US.
Umatul Islam Center is our place of gathering, leaning, sanctity, and a place for volunteerism, cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion.

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Thank you

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