Umatul Islam Youth Counsel

This committee consisted of two teams and each of them is areresponsible for the following five duties:

Management Team:
1) Prepare flyers, brochures, Center beautiful anashid and documentary.

2) Prepare brief writing report from every Center gathering (public or private).

3) Organize, mediate and manage A-Z overall Center public conferences and debates.

4) Prepare conferences and debates’ topics, with faith affairs committee collaboration, and honor for those did extraordinary.

5) Organize over all halaqah programs and been responsible cleanness after every gathering.

UYC–Out Reach Team
1) Communicate Center clients through mailing addresses, emails, or telephone system and update them all the times.

2) Establish good relationship between the Center and its regular clients.

3) Confirm event speakers, prepare snacks or food if necessity; estimate event audiences and expensive.

4) Been responsible over all safety issues during events, monitor traffic flow, prepare transportations if need before and after event.

5) Organize Center monthly diner night and mediate at all time