1) Youth program
2) Halaqa program
3) Dugsi program
4) Family conflict mediation
5) Marriage consultation
6) Community awareness
7) Prayer commencement
8) Zakah Distribution

Zakat Distribution
Dugsi Program
Family conflict
praying, ramadan, faith
Prayer Commencement


  1. Partnership: Build effective working relationships within other legitimize legal organizations.
  2. Kindness: Demonstrate empathy and care for people who are most in need.
  3. Diversity: Welcome differences of race, background, and thought.
  4. Empowerment: Support individuals and families to reach their full human potential.
  5. Integrity: Dedicated to service Minnesota communities by being honest, transparent, ethical and reliable.

Who we are

Umatul Islam Center is a cultural, educational, social, and chartable non- profit organization dedicated to serve the Minnesota communities. The Center also strives to work with anyone interested in learning about Islamic culture and values. Umatul Islam Center was established 2007 in response to the needs of the growing Muslim community in Minnesota. Since then, Umatul Islam Center has been operating and providing essential services in line with its values and mission.

Umatul Islam Center of Minneapolis strengthens individuals and families to succeed their life good expectation destiny. We offer Minnesota local communities a value programs for children, families and adults most in need. Umatul Islam Center helps approximately 355 diverse populations in terms of age, income, ethnics, and gender. Obviously, we could not do it these service without our dedicated volunteers and donors.